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ҹɬƵ University has been shaping art, design, and craft in Canada since 1887. Our undergraduate degree programs prepare students for membership in a community of professionals in the visual arts, design, and craft.

Possibility starts here.

ҹɬƵ University’s academic philosophy and approach have been continuously developed and revised since 1887 – not only to help our students find their place in today’s creative communities – but to change our world for the better. Every undergraduate student starts their studies with a foundation year. This allows students the rare opportunity to experiment and learn a wide range of new art practices, ideas and materials before making the choice about where to focus their creative and academic energy in their following years at ҹɬƵ University.

During your time at ҹɬƵ, you’ll learn to shape your place in the world
— and make art matter.

BA | BDes | BFA

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Foundation year.

At ҹɬƵ University, not only will you receive a rigorous, interdisciplinary educational experience, but you will belong to a vibrant creative community recognized globally for its impact on art, craft and design. Connecting you with award-winning faculty, you will learn the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the creative industries, where you will become leaders, entrepreneurs, and experts in your fields.

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If you believe that
creative ideas can build
a better world,
there’s a place for
you here.