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Convocation 2024

To all our graduates — congratulations! You’ve worked hard to receive your degree at ҹɬƵ University, and we are proud to welcome you to the ҹɬƵ alumni community.

Convocation 2024: Photos

Our Spring 2024 Convocation Ceremony was held on Tuesday, May 14, 2:00pm at the (1800 Argyle Street, Halifax, NS). All photos by Wiebke Schroeder.


Congratulations! You’ve worked hard to receive your degree at ҹɬƵ University, and we are proud to have you as part of the ҹɬƵ alumni community. To help you follow the necessary steps to get that degree in your hands, read on.

Note: It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that all degree and program requirements have been met. Submission of the Application to Graduate form by the required deadlines (see below) ensures that the registrar can review your program requirements and complete a “degree check”.

Graduation and Commencement

ҹɬƵ degree students may graduate after completing their degree requirements in the fall, winter or summer semesters. However, only one official graduation and commencement ceremony will be held in the spring. At this ceremony, any students who already received their diplomas on the degree conferral dates listed below are eligible to attend and cross the stage with their peers. All students who had degrees conferred the previous fall or summer will be listed in the official spring graduation program.

To be considered for graduation, students must submit an application to graduate–available for download on the Forms Portal page along with a $50 graduation fee by the published deadline.

Convocation 2024
Convocation 2024